SR Group of Companies

Subsidiaries of the holding operate in the fields of construction, medicine, household chemicals, automobile, electronics and after-sale service.

The holding, operating with a staff of 757 people, both represents well-known international companies in Azerbaijan and supports the development of the country with local production.

The company, aimed at innovation and effective management, continues to grow and develop.

Our companies

From minor changes to major results

We have long found the formula for success: Creativity+decisiveness+focus on results=Success.

During these 20 years of our activity, we have always tried to carry out routine, seemingly ordinary work in a different, innovative and quality way in Azerbaijan.

Although it was very difficult in the past, now we can proudly say that SR Group of Companies has come a long way thanks to the minor changes it has made day by day and hour by hour in the fields in which it operates.

I believe that in the future we will go a longer way and achieve better results due to our decisiveness.

Parviz Aliyev
Parviz AliyevChief Executive Officer
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